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of the will not 3 carry out icc perry says e texas governor repeal. companies gain from is only insurance patients rights. the truth is only insurrnce &pcompanies gain from rrpeal. texas ggvernor riik perry ays &phe will not carry ouu key parts of the affordable care act.he says he won't expand medicaid and won't imppement a state insurance exchange.on fox news, he said he has a beetee idee.tooblock grant those ddllars back to the ptates. that is the single most effective way to allow implemented in he statee. &pbetter impllmented in allow health care to bb efficiintly and effectively ost effeetive way to states. that is the single to blocc grant thosee bbtter block grantt ttose dollars back to the most effective way to efficientll and effectively allow health care to be betterr pmplementeddin tth states.i'm ed payne reporting. several othee republican governors ave lrrady aid they won't implement hose two provisions.they include the governorssof louisiana, south ccrolina, wisconsin nd florida. a kayaker scapes a closs call....wwth a great white shar. shaak.take a look at this pic
. 3 3 a single-car crash in texas... leaves 11 people dead... and 12 others injured. injured.according to the texas highway patrol... á22 peopleá were in this ford f-250 truck... when it went off the highway... hitting 2 large trees.the accident occurred 100 miles south east of san antonio and authorities say the weather was dry and clear at the time of the crash... there is no evidence at the scene of alcohol being involved. the former stepson of singer usher raymond... has died.kile glover was hospitalized more than 2 weeks ago... after the 11-year-old suffered a serious head injury from a boating accident on a georgia lake. the boy's mother... tameka raymond... was married to usher for 2 yeaas. they couple has 2 children together... and divorced in 2009. michael jackson's mother is ánotá missing.. that's the word this morning the los angeles sheriff's department. katherine was reported missing by her nephew after family members were unable to reach her.jermaine jackson says katherine is with her daughter rebbie in arizona.. following doctor's orders to quote áde- stre
theeuniversity of texas punch a few keystrokes into thii computer. the drone goes wildly off course - now receiving instrrctionn - not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to thh drone's navigation system - a o- called "spoofer". the effect is so dramatic, a safety pilot with radio control has to save tteedrone from crashing.humphrrys says: "spoofing a gps receiver n a uav is jjst another way of hijacking a plane." if iiluminated a gaping hole in the government'ssplan to open up us iispace to gps-ggided drones. humphreys says: "in 5 to 10 years, you have 30 thousand drones in the airspace.. // edit // eacc one of these could be a potential missile used against us." until now, gps guided dronns have been limited mmstly to the battlefield in places ike iraq, aaghanistan and yemen. earlierrthis year, come up with rules to aalow 2015. they could be y - used for law enforcement, monitooing transmission and pipelines for utilitieea"a&. even pilotlessly deeivering packages across the country. the founder of fedex has said he wantss
governement our hotline at 410- 662- 1456...or go to fox baltimore dot com. a mailman is texas is doing more than just delivering mail... he's stepping into the . battlefield.:05 whoa! whoa! whoa!for the past 2 weeks... ron eudy has been targeted by a group of falcons near one of the homes on his route. neighbors say... they're trying to protect their nest. but the birds don't seem to bother anyone else.after several days of dodging birds... eudy thinks he figured out the problem. :22 "i switched hats and when i wear this blue one they don't come after me, so it's something about this white helmet. i don't really know what ii is." eudy doesn't see the birds as enemies. in fact... he's actually grown quite fond of them... which may be a goodd thing since they've seem to have become a part of the neighborhood. it's the second highest position in the land. land.this is a big effing deal. but find out if being vice president is really a job worth having. having. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police c
'll stay drying out it might get a little more expensive.a customer from texas sayssfresh her, so if prices do rise,,or - she'll make adjustments to her's omething that you have to have in life. so you just substitute others things indiana, state police are stepping up efforts &pto help eeforceethe statewide burn ban issueddin light of the drought.they want to make sure cigarettes do not spark fact, annone who tosses a lit cigarette from a moving car could be ffned up to 10-thousand-dollars.and an indianapolis homeowner found a creative way to keep his lawn lookiig nice despite a watering ban.he painted it green with aint made speciffcally for grass.the paint job is expected to last i'm ed payne reporting. the u-s-d-a economist says the full effect of the drought on food prices will not be felt until the short-term... the u-s-d-a will issue its monthly estimates of &pfood ppices... which factors in drought conditions... next week. 3&((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 3 3 3 fighting back to retake b
's flood of political attack ads. three siblings in texas are biologically triplets ... even though two of them were born four years apart. andrew gracin is the third of chris and joyce mallon's children. andrew... four- year-old julianna and two-year-old anna sophia were n in 2007. julianna was born nine onths later through in vitro fertilization. her prother and sister waited their turns in frozen limbo... and finally they each got their chance to be born. ((sometimes when yyuupray for a miracle, you get three. and so that's what we have. )) ))the mother calls them "triplings," since they are siblings by their dates of birth. fertility experts say freezing ttchniques have improved, o embryos an now be preserved for longer periods of time. johns hoppins is still a top number one. known hospital is now ranked. ranked. ((break 1)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reeorter ad libs)) map fiber map 895 map 3 3 3 3 3 penn state's president speaks out... after a ddmaging report reveals a cover up. up.we're not gginn to use tuition money, donor money, or tax money to deal with any of t
i can't &pjust get a hold of him." to move to fort hood, texas witt their ne-year-old daughter after the wedding. ssifling tempeeatures...leads tooan expeeiment. & long it took for a tray of cookies to bake...after being left in a car window! windoww ((break 1)) hear ye, hear ye! this 4th of july, celebrate the red, white, and blue with ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. how did you wear this stuff growing up? it's so itchy. thou art not funny. [ fife and drum corps plays ] ♪ jif to go goes anywhere ♪ jif to go goes here, goes there ♪ ♪ jif to go goes everywhere ♪ goes here, goes there ♪ jif to go, wherever you go ♪ goes here, goes there p joel d. smith ii streamin now... northeast baltimore with the latest on the cceanup nd hhw much ponger so many will be in the dark and in the heat. good morning joee d. 3 &p (ad lib) schools, you name it, sootraffic lights.... businesses, lib) schools, businesses, traffic lights.... you name it, so many are still feeling the results of those nasty storms, and it looks
in the entertainment sherman hemsley died yesterday.he was found unresponsive in his el paso texas home.he was best known as wise-cracking george jefferson on "the jeffersons." he also played deacon ernest frye in the sitcom "amen." hemsley was 74 years old. republican leaders are calling for a criminal investigation into president obama's campaign... after ads were filmed in the west wing of the white house housein this ad... the president poses in the map room... located on the ground floor of the white house. take a look. :02-:10 "you have a take a look.the white house. take a look. :02-:10 "you have a choice to make. not just between two political parties or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. according to r-n-c chair reince priebus... it's illegal to solicit political contributions from any area of the white house... used for official business. but the white house spokesman says there's nothing improper about it... and that the map room is considered part of the white house residence... saying it's been used in campaign ads in past admin
in crews from around the ccuntry to helpputility contractors from massachusetts, texas, florida and even canadd... are lending a hand this week. < "that's why the whole line industryy.. they all stickk toggther and when ou nned help, we're here to help."> help.">b-g-e is also warning customers - to stay away from any downed lines that could be accoss one, call nd report it. it's one of the hardest hit parts of maryland. maryland..s auurey barnes tells us... people in montgomery county are still &pddaling with the mess left behind after the storm. ptorm. don gray is getting his dog zooee used to the neighborhood bethesda.. because they're going to be bethesdaa..because residence inn in aroond the residence inn in bethesda.. there a while... neighborhood..and he's made a reservvtion through next punday.gray saas: "im a coming the lines of cars hotels stretched down the - block. it was standiig rrom only at the reserration was ucky enough to snap up one of he laat aaailable rooms for his ffmily.. ttey couldn't spend even a single ighh inntheir 11th floor apartmmnt with no
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9